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Obama lifts ban on aid to Syrian rebels

A Free Syrian Army fighter fires his weapon during clashes with Syrian troops near Idlib.  /AP

Special to WASHINGTON — For the first time, the United States has allowed the purchase of weapons for Sunni rebels in Syria. The Treasury Department has issued a license for a non-profit group to collect money for military equipment for the Sunni revolt against Syrian President Bashar Assad. Officials said the waiver reflected a [...]

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Obama: U.S.-Israeli cooperation at ‘unprecedented level’

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is presented with a booklet as he visits the Western Wall in Jerusalem on July 29.  /AP/Dan Balilty

Special to WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama, in contrast to critics in Congress, has asserted that Israeli-U.S. security cooperation reached an unprecedented level. Obama has signed legislation passed by Congress meant to significantly enhance U.S.-Israeli relations to counter the threat from Iran. Members of Congress, however, have reported deep strains between Israel and the [...]

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World unhinged: A bumper crop of bizarre

President and his cabinet were said to be watching a live feed of the raid on Bin Laden's compound. Not much adds up these days..

Sol W. Sanders   Settling in with a drink and interesting talk a few years ago — it would be the last session we had, unhappily — with Ed Seidenstecker, the best of the WWII American Japan scholars, the conversation took a serious turn. As we dissolved in that witlessness that overtakes one in Hawaii, [...]

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Satellite navigation firm warned against services for Iran

Inmarsat Global HQ in London.

Special to WASHINGTON — An Israeli group has warned a major satellite provider against navigation services to Iran. The Israel Law Center sent a letter to the London-based firm Inmarsat not to provide guidance services to Iranian Navy ships and oil tankers. The letter warned that Inmarsat could be exposed to criminal prosecution and [...]

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U.S. intel: Iran developing anti-ship missiles with China’s help

An Iranian produced version of the C-802 anti-ship missile, concealed inside a commercial truck.

Special to WASHINGTON — Iran has been developing advanced anti-ship missiles with help from China, a report said. The U.S. intelligence community has determined that the Iran Navy has enhanced its missile arsenal over the last few years. In a report, the community said Iran’s missiles, particularly its anti-ship weapons, were increasing in range [...]

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U.S. and Israeli intelligence at odds over Syria’s control of its WMD

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a statement at his office in Jerusalem on July 19.  /Reuters/Ammar Awad

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has issued a harsh warning to Israel not to intervene in either Lebanon or Syria. Officials said the administration of President Barack Obama sent several messages to the Israeli leadership that called for military restraint. The messages were sent amid Israeli warnings that it would stop the [...]

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Moscow puts hold on military exports to Syria

The Russian-made Yak-130 combat air trainer.

Special to WASHINGTON — Russia was said to have withheld delivery of an advanced military aircraft to Syria. The State Department has determined that the Kremlin decided to halt the export of certain combat platforms to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad. A senior official said Moscow made the decision over the last [...]

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U.S. again excludes Israel from counterterrorism meeting

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum in Istanbul, Turkey on June 7.  /Xinhua

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has allowed the exclusion of Israel from a Western-sponsored counter-insurgency forum for the second time in two months. Officials acknowledged that Israel, deemed a leading expert, has again been excluded from a major Western CI meeting. They cited the Global Counterterrorism Forum, which took place in Spain [...]

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Report: American Muslim communities becoming radicalized

A poster used by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to promote a meeting about alleged FBI abuses in terrorism-related investigations.

Special to WASHINGTON — A report, based on a series of House committee hearings, said the radicalization American Muslim community was not being impeded by community leaders. The report by the House Homeland Security Committee said Islamist leaders have obstructed law enforcement. In at least two U.S. cities, mosque preachers were said to have [...]

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Russia sending mixed signals on arms to Syria

Russian Federal Service for Military Technical Cooperation’s deputy chief Vyacheslav Dzirkaln.

Special to MOSCOW — Russia is said to have suspended the delivery of major combat platforms to Syria amid reports it had sent warships to the region. The United States has been lobbying the international community to pressure the Kremlin to stop the weapons flow to Assad. Over the last few days, the Russian [...]

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