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To hell with comprehensive solutions in general and Obamacare in particular


Sol W. Sanders   Lost in the political fracas in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision, but emeshed in the still expanding bureaucratic jungle — and cost — of Obamacare is a fundamental issue: it is another failed attempt at “a comprehensive solution” to complex problems. It‘s not a new phenomenon. Since the French [...]

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Dependence Day: Hello John Roberts, goodbye Benjamin Franklin


Special to The Washington Times Forget about those fireworks (too dangerous) and their ostentatious display of anachronistic values. Forget also about mom (sexist gender-role stereotype) and apple pie (too fattening). Wednesday has become Dependence Day, a time to reflect on all the good that the federal government does for us. Thursday’s Supreme Court decision [...]

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It’s the oil, stupid: The coming energy revolution

Qatar's oil minister Mohammed Saleh al-Sada, former Algerian oil minister Chakib Khelil and Saudi Arabia's oil minister Ali al-Naimi share a laugh during the OPEC International Seminar in Vienna on June 13.  /Heinz-Peter Bader/Reuters

Sol W. Sanders   [See Archive] If we can get your attention off Dred Scott II — the Supreme Court decision on health care costs with its byzantine political implications — something perhaps as fundamental for the U.S. and world economies is happening: a second fossil fuel revolution. The Saudis are pumping oil like mad. [...]

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A nation of more lawyers, less rule of law


Wesley Pruden Now the fun begins. Nothing can fire the anger of an American like the arrogance of a government lawyer with his foot on the throat of a helpless citizen, and the justices of the Supreme Court are the government lawyers with the biggest feet of all. The justices sent a message loud and [...]

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Grounds for American optimism in times that require courage


Sol W. Sanders   [See Archive] “A policy of strategic ambiguity” is a striped-pants way of saying “keep your opponent guessing”. It can also be a Foggy Bottom euphemism for lack of policy or not knowing what to do in a difficult situation. It has the advantage of keeping your opponent off balance, never quite [...]

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Russia seeks major energy partnership with ExxonMobil in Iraq

Special to MOSCOW — Russia wants U.S. help in energy development in Iraq. Russia’s Rosneft has been negotiating an agreement to team with the U.S. company ExxonMobil for a joint project in Iraq. Industry sources said the target was Iraq’s huge West Qurna-1 oil field. “These two companies have been very serious about partnerships [...]

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Mortgage debt ploy could sway 24 million voters to back Obama re-election

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman.

Special to By Cliff Kincaid President Obama can declare immunity for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens and can also unilaterally order the broad refinancing of mortgages on millions of “underwater” homeowners in order to reduce principal payments and debt, The New York Times’ Paul Krugman told the liberal “Take Back the American Dream” [...]

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Demise of the West: Waiting for Act II, but the stage is empty


Special to By Gregory Copley, Global Information System It would be a mistake to think that the Western economic crisis is being managed toward a successful conclusion; that perhaps it can escape from disaster. Rather, most Western societies have moved closer to the brink of economic — and therefore political and social — instability [...]

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Decline and fall of the American labor movement?


Sol W. Sanders   [See Archive] Longer ago than I care to remember, I discussed “the decline of the American labor movement” with an old friend, a high AFL/CIO official, veteran of many a bitter “organizing campaign”, at its palatial 16th Street Washington headquarters. [Transparency alert: My Mom, a 17-year-old Romanian Jewish solitary immigrant was [...]

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U.S. energy firm investing billions in Egypt’s Western Desert

Apache Corp made five new oil and natural gas discoveries in the Faghur Basin in Egypt's Western Desert last year.

Special to CAIRO — A leading U.S. contractor plans to invest another $1.5 billion in Egypt’s energy sector. Officials said Apache Corp. would invest another $1.5 billion in operations in Egypt in 2012. The officials said this marked the largest expansion of foreign investment in Egypt since the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak in [...]

June 8th, 2012 | Posted in Egypt,Exclusives,Mideast,Stateside,Top Stories,U.S. Economy | Read More »

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