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The gay agenda for Christians vs the gay agenda for Islamists

Former Obama chief of staff and current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel

Jeffrey T. Kuhner The homosexual lobby wants to outlaw Christianity. This is the real meaning behind the uproar over Chick-fil-A. The chicken sandwich franchise has become a lightning rod for the culture war. Liberals despise it; conservatives back it. Supporters of gay marriage want to prevent the Atlanta-based chain from expanding, demanding new restaurant permits [...]

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How to explain national performance at the Olympics?

China and both Koreas were in the top 5 medal winners as of Aug. 1. Gold medallists Kai Qin and Yutong Luo of China pose on the podium during the medal ceremony for the Men's Synchronised 3m Springboard final on Day 5 of the London 2012 Olympic Games.  /Adam Pretty/Getty Images

John J. Metzler PARIS — As the London Olympics set new records for athletic achievements, the Summer Games equally highlight global competitions, both in the field of sport and nationalism. And despite all the naysayers that the London Games would not be ready, the traditional British can-do attitude prevailed (as they did in London 1948), [...]

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‘The greater love’ survives a massacre


Wesley Pruden Gloria Steinem was wrong. Once in a fit of frustration she rolled her eyes, stamped her feet, and declared that “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” This became a battle cry in the war between the sexes. Three young women, who survived the movie-palace massacre in Colorado because [...]

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Olympic uniform controversary brings bipartisan ‘gotcha moment’

U.S. Olympic athletes rower Giuseppe Lanzone, left, and swimmer Ryan Lochte are pictured wearing the 2012 US Olympic team uniforms, made by Ralph Lauren.  /Reuters

John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — With the London Summer Olympics fast approaching, the eyes of America are on Team USA, or more precisely on the manufacturer’s labels on their uniforms. What looked like a proud sporting moment when designer Ralph Lauren unveiled a really classy looking blue navy blazer, white pants and slightly improbable [...]

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Soviet health care almost aborted our son

Soviet health care: No medicine and no care.

Lev Navrozov In 1972, my wife, our son, my mother, and I were on our way to the United States from Italy, where we had spent almost six months waiting for our American visas to be processed. All other Russian émigrés who also received their visas chose to go to the United States by plane. [...]

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Stealth jihad has taken root in Europe, now coming to America

Muslims pray on the streets of Paris.

Special to By Geert Wilders Geert Wilders spoke at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado on July 1. The following is the complete transcript of his speech. Thank you, dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, for inviting me to the Western Conservative Summit. It is always a pleasure to come to America. I was [...]

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Report: American Muslim communities becoming radicalized

A poster used by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to promote a meeting about alleged FBI abuses in terrorism-related investigations.

Special to WASHINGTON — A report, based on a series of House committee hearings, said the radicalization American Muslim community was not being impeded by community leaders. The report by the House Homeland Security Committee said Islamist leaders have obstructed law enforcement. In at least two U.S. cities, mosque preachers were said to have [...]

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Keeping LIBERTY alive an uphill battle on this July 4, 2012

Visitors tour Fort McHenry, the site of the September 13-14, 1814 battle against the British that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the Star Spangled Banner, in Baltimore.  /Roger L. Wollenberg/UPI

Lev Navrozov “Mr. Navrozov, I have been reading your columns for the last two years. Your knowledge of liberty vs. communism is unsurpassed. I pray that you will be able to continue to teach the free countries the importance of keeping liberty alive. I wish I were able to take over for you in this [...]

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Memories of lost souls befriended: American communists stranded in the USSR

A Soviet propaganda poster

Lev Navrozov While surfing the Russian Internet the other day, I came upon the Snob site (, an “international Russian-language media project, which was launched in 2008, with the aim to connect international and global audience of influential, high-net worth individuals.” One item jumped at me right away: “Lessons of Patriotism from Tim Kirby,” an [...]

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Love for Obama fades, even in Europe

Then Sen. Barack Obama waved to the crowd at Tiergarten Park in Berlin in 2008. / Jae C. Hong / AP

Wesley Pruden Unrequited love is a sad and mournful thing, as any teenager could tell you. Barack Obama, too. His European friends, who swooned with such ardor four years ago, are cooling off. Mr. Obama still nourishes his lifelong crush on the Europeans, regarding them as the source of the type of government compassion and [...]

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