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New book on Cuba’s DGI: Castro knew about JFK’s assassination in advance


Special to By Cliff Kincaid Former CIA officer Brian Latell’s new book, “Castro’s Secrets”, includes the revelation that Fidel Castro knew Lee Harvey Oswald was going to kill President Kennedy. The book deserves far more attention than it has received and adds to an existing body of evidence that Castro not only had foreknowledge [...]

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Canada firm reports new oil finds in Kurdistan

Special to LONDON — The Kurdish Regional Government has overseen an increase in crude oil discoveries. A Canadian company has reported two oil-bearing zones in northern Iraq. ShaMaran Petroleum, which has already reported two other discoveries, said the latest deposits were located in the Pulkhana-9 appraisal well. ShaMaran said it conducted six tests after [...]

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Iran has sent drones, thousands of advisors to Venezuela

What is believed to be an Iranian drone at Venezuela's El Libertador Air Base.  /Omar Quintero

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has been tracking Iranian sales of unmanned aerial vehicles to Venezuela. Officials said Iran regards Venezuela as a key ally in South America. They said thousands of Iranian advisers, including members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, have been working to bolster the military and security forces [...]

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Hot air about the Falkland Islands reaches the UN

Margaret Thatcher in 1983.

John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — The Falkland Island Road Show has come to the United Nations, with all the political trappings of drama, hyper-nationalism, and self-righteous moralizing. The focus remains on the future of this windswept British territory in the South Atlantic claimed by, and also once invaded by, neighboring Argentina. Now thirty years [...]

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The Bilderberger protests and other distractions from real threats


Special to By Cliff Knicaid The major news organizations have been driven by the Drudge Report and WorldNetDaily to cover protests against a meeting of the “Bilderbergers” at a Marriott hotel outside Washington, D.C. The stories usually feature Alex Jones, a Texas-based radio host who regularly appears on Moscow-funded Russia Today (RT) television, or [...]

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Global censorship report reminds that much of the world is in the dark

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, 2nd right, is shown in undated picture released by the North's KCNA news agency in Pyongyang May 9.  /Reuters

John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — When it comes to media censorship we think of the usual pantheon of dictators and autocrats who unashamedly shut down news outlets, stifle the free flow of information, and throw journalists in jail. And it’s in countries like North Korea, Cuba, and Islamic Republic of Iran where print and [...]

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Central America emerges as transhipment nexus for drugs flowing to USA

Honduran Navy officers patrol in Patuca river, near Ahuas, a remote community in La Mosquitia region, Honduras, on May 21.  /Rodrigo Abd/AP

John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — A generation ago many Central American countries faced death and destruction from aggressive left-wing insurgencies battling governments in places like El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. Today while these countries have evolved into reasonably representative democracies, a new tide of violence “born of transnational organized crime and drug trafficking,” plagues [...]

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Laughter the best medicine for Montreal’s linguistic and cultural divide

Street signs in Montreal.

John J. Metzler MONTREAL — It’s takes a comedian to break the ice in the often frosty linguistic debate in Montreal, the cosmopolitan Canadian city where the French-speaking majority jealously and legally holds the linguistic high ground. So when an Indo/Canadian immigrant Samir “Sugar Sammy” Khullar brought a hilarious comedy show in Franglais, a mix [...]

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Falklands redux: Where there’s oil, Hugo Chavez and Sean Penn, will there be fire?

Actor Sean Penn, seen here with Argentine President Cristina Kirchner, is taking Argentina's side in the Falkland Islands dispute.  /AP

John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — Rhetorical gales from Argentina are again battering the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic. And while the presumably noble sentiments of Argentine sovereignty blows over the windswept islands, just under the adjacent waters may sit massive petroleum deposits which would change the geopolitical calculations both for Britain and Argentina. [...]

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Canadian firm drilling for Somalian oil: First such venture in decades

Special to WASHINGTON — A Canadian-owned company has begun drilling for energy in war-torn Somalia. Horn Petroleum Corp. has spudded a well in northern Somalia in the first such project in the African country in more than 20 years. Horn, a majority stake of which is owned by Canada’s Africa Oil Corp., intends to [...]

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