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World unhinged: A bumper crop of bizarre

President and his cabinet were said to be watching a live feed of the raid on Bin Laden's compound. Not much adds up these days..

Sol W. Sanders   Settling in with a drink and interesting talk a few years ago — it would be the last session we had, unhappily — with Ed Seidenstecker, the best of the WWII American Japan scholars, the conversation took a serious turn. As we dissolved in that witlessness that overtakes one in Hawaii, [...]

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After 15 attacks, Israel’s cancellation, Egypt delays repairs of gas pipeline

A Bedouin man looks a section of the Arab Gas Pipeline in North Sinai that was hit by an RPG in March.  /Reuters/Asmaa Waguih

Special to CAIRO — Egypt has abandoned plans to repair the Arab Gas Pipeline. Officials said Egypt’s state-owned Gasco has decided not to repair the pipeline in the Sinai Peninsula, bombed on July 22. The officials said the pipeline, attacked at least 15 times since February 2011, would remain idle while a review of [...]

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Christians in Gaza abducted, forced to convert to Islam

Inside the Saint Porfirios Greek Orthodox church in Gaza City.  /Reuters/Mohammed Salem

Special to RAMALLAH — Palestinian Christians have been forced to convert in the Gaza Strip. Christian sources said Islamists aligned with the Hamas regime were threatening the estimated 2,000 Christians and their churches throughout the Gaza Strip. They said at least five Greek Orthodox Christians have been abducted and forced to convert to Islam [...]

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National security, the Muslim Brotherhood and Sec. of State Clinton’s top aide

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Deputy Cheif of Staff Huma Abedin.  /Jonathan Ernst/Getty Images

Special to By Cliff Kincaid Sen. John McCain has become a left-wing media darling for defending Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin against truthful charges that she has family connections to the pro-terrorist Muslim Brotherhood. Andrew McCarthy notes there used to be a time when McCain was alarmed by the advance of the Muslim Brotherhood. [...]

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3 days after coming back online, Egyptian pipeline bombed for 15th time

An Egyptian man walks in front of a gas pipeline, used to export fuel to Israel and Jordan, that was blown up by attackers on July 22 in El Arish.  /AFP

Special to CAIRO — Egypt’s natural gas pipeline has again been attacked. On July 22, the Arab Gas Pipeline, which spans Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, was bombed near the northern capital of El Arish. The facility was struck by suspected Bedouin insurgents three days after the restoration of operations. This marked the 15th attack on [...]

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Iran, Hizbullah cited in attack on Israelis in Bulgaria

At least seven people were killed and many more wounded on Wednesday in an attack on a bus packed with Israelis at a Black Sea airport in Bulgaria.

Special to LONDON — Iran was believed to have sponsored an attack on a bus full of Israelis in Bulgaria. Western diplomatic sources said Iran and its chief proxy, Hizbullah, bombed a bus of Israeli students who had just arrived in Bulgaria on July 18. The sources said Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps employed [...]

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Tourists thought to be Jews not safe in Jordan

A group of Jews visiting the Jordanian tourist site of Kerak in Jordan, where there is a Crusader castle and other sites, were attacked by local residents.

Special to AMMAN — Jewish tourists have been warned of threats to their security in Jordan. Tourist operators said Western and other nationals identified as Jews were being intimidated in the Hashemite kingdom. They said Jewish tourists were quietly encouraged to remove anything that could identify their faith. Tourism from neighboring Israel and the [...]

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U.S. again excludes Israel from counterterrorism meeting

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum in Istanbul, Turkey on June 7.  /Xinhua

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has allowed the exclusion of Israel from a Western-sponsored counter-insurgency forum for the second time in two months. Officials acknowledged that Israel, deemed a leading expert, has again been excluded from a major Western CI meeting. They cited the Global Counterterrorism Forum, which took place in Spain [...]

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Long-range Hamas machine-gun attack from Gaza hits Israeli restaurant

A man stands next to his car, damaged by bullets, allegedly shot from the Palestinian Gaza Strip towards Yad Mordechay in southern Israel.

Special to TEL AVIV — The Israeli military has determined the introduction of a long-range machine gun by the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip. Military sources said Hamas and its Palestinian militia allies have begun firing a heavy machine-gun with a range of up to eight kilometers. They sources said the weapon was [...]

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Report: American Muslim communities becoming radicalized

A poster used by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to promote a meeting about alleged FBI abuses in terrorism-related investigations.

Special to WASHINGTON — A report, based on a series of House committee hearings, said the radicalization American Muslim community was not being impeded by community leaders. The report by the House Homeland Security Committee said Islamist leaders have obstructed law enforcement. In at least two U.S. cities, mosque preachers were said to have [...]

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