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War over in Libya, but militia still detaining thousands

Some 7,000 people, many of them sub-Saharan Africans accused of being Gadhafi mercenaries, were being held in detention centers run by Libyan militias.

Special to WASHINGTON — Libya’s rebel militias were said to hold thousands of prisoners from the war against the regime of Col. Moammar Gadhafi. The U.S. group Human Rights Watch said Libyan militias continue to detain about 5,000 people despite the establishment of a central government in Tripoli nearly a year ago. HRW said [...]

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Libyans bring rivalries to security academy in Jordan, torch 2 facilities

Public Security Department officers receive the first batch of Libyan police officers, who arrived in Amman for training on April 24.  /Jordan Times/File

Special to AMMAN — Jordan has intensified monitoring of hundreds of Libyan security trainees after a fire at a sports facility. Officials said Jordanian security forces were ordered to increase surveillance over Libyan security trainees in wake of a series of attacks at the Jordanian International Police Training Center outside Amman. Virtually all of [...]

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U.S. plans military aid to Libya as Al Qaida-aligned militias gain ground

Gen. Carter Ham.

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has sought to help Libya’s military regain control over the North African state. Officials said the U.S. military and Defense Department have been drafting plans to provide weapons and training to Tripoli. They said the military assistance was required to help the new interim government gain control [...]

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Back to the brink: Al Qaida-aligned militias in Libya attack Western oil sites

Ras Lanuf oil facility. Libya's oil production had been nearing pre-war levels, according to government officials.  /AFP

Special to CAIRO — Libyan militias, prompting another Western flight, has launched attacks on energy facilities in the North African state. Officials said militias in eastern Libya were attacking Western-operated crude oil facilities. Officials said most of the threats to the energy sector have come from Islamist groups linked to Al Qaida and rebel [...]

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Libyan weapons enabled Al Qaida stronghold in northern Mali

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Africa Policy Amanda Dory.

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has determined that Libyan weapons have reached Al Qaida in Mali. Officials said thousands of missiles and rockets were taken from the arsenal of then-Libyan ruler Moammar Gadhafi and brought to Al Qaida strongholds in Mali. The officials said the anti-tank and surface-to-air missiles have bolstered Al [...]

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Libyan militia mount 3rd attack this month on foreign missions

Libyan security members look at the damaged widescreen of a British diplomatic convoy car that was attacked by a rocket-propelled grenade in Benghazi. Two security guards were wounded in the attack on the convoy, which was carrying the British ambassador to Libya Dominic Asquith.  /Getty Images

Special to CAIRO — Libyan militias have for the third time in June targeted foreign diplomats as part of the battle with the interim government in Tripoli. On June 18, a Libyan militia attacked the Tunisian consulate in Benghazi. Officials said Libyan security forces responded and drove away the attackers, identified as the Partisans [...]

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Libya sentences ex-Soviet ‘mercenaries’ who fought for Gadhafi

A military court handed stiff prison terms to 19 Ukrainians, three nationals from Belarus and two Russians accused of serving as mercenaries for ousted leader Muammar Gadhafi in Libya's conflict last year.

Special to CAIRO — Libya has determined that nationals from former Soviet republics served as mercenaries for the late Col. Moammar Gadhafi. Officials said the National Transitional Council identified and arrested a range of Russian and other nationals as fighters for Gadhafi in the war in 2011. The officials said many of them operated [...]

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Egypt seizes Libyan rockets, missiles en route to Gaza Strip

A BM-21 "Grad" rocket launcher military exercise in Bulgaria.

Special to CAIRO — Egypt has captured another large cache of surface-to-air missiles destined for the Gaza Strip. Security sources said the Egyptian Army and police joined for several operations in which SAMs, surface-to-surface rockets and anti-tank guided missiles have been intercepted. They said the weapons were believed to have been smuggled from neighboring [...]

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Morocco pardons clerics with Al Qaida ties in ‘national reconciliation’ bid

Muslim cleric Omar Heddouchi speaks at a press conference with fellow former detainees Hassan al-Kettani on the right and Abou Hafs on the left in Rabat, Morocco on Feb. 9.  /AP/Paul Schemm

Special to CAIRO — Morocco, led by an Islamist government, has begun releasing Al Qaida-aligned clerics. The North African kingdom has freed several clerics linked to Al Qaida, including the suicide bombings in Casablanca in 2003. Officials said the release was part of a campaign to reconcile with the so-called Salafist opposition. “The state [...]

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Algeria captures 200 Al Qaida operatives near Libyan border

Algerian border troops patrol on the Algerian-Libyan frontier.  /Xinhua/Mohamed Kadri

Special to CAIRO — Algeria has captured a large group of suspected members of Al Qaida. Algerian security sources said about 200 operatives of Al Qaida Organization in the Islamic Maghreb were captured after a military operation near the border with Libya. The sources said the AQIM operatives were headed to Libya to acquire [...]

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