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Syrian attacks reaching deeper into Lebanon

Syria is said to be firing artillery barrages into Lebanon on a daily basis.

Special to NICOSIA — The Syrian military has been extending its attacks in Lebanon. Officials said the Syrian Army was shelling areas beyond the border with Lebanon. The officials said Syrian artillery was firing nearly every night into northeastern Lebanese towns believed to be helping the Sunni revolt against President Bashar Assad. “This is [...]

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U.S. and Israeli intelligence at odds over Syria’s control of its WMD

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a statement at his office in Jerusalem on July 19.  /Reuters/Ammar Awad

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has issued a harsh warning to Israel not to intervene in either Lebanon or Syria. Officials said the administration of President Barack Obama sent several messages to the Israeli leadership that called for military restraint. The messages were sent amid Israeli warnings that it would stop the [...]

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Reports: Israeli F-16s attacked Hizbullah intel site in Lebanon

Lebanese army soldiers inspect the debris after an Israeli aircraft destroyed a spy device in the Zahrani region. A Lebanese security source and Hezbollah said the device was used to monitor a Hezbollah communications network in south Lebanon and was destroyed after it was found by the group.  /Mahmoud Zayyat/AFP

Special to NICOSIA — Israel is said to have attacked a suspected Hizbullah spy center in Lebanon. Lebanese sources said Israel Air Force F-16 multi-role fighters fired missiles toward a suspected Hizbullah facility in the southern Lebanese town of Zrariye on July 2. They identified the facility as a listening post for the Iranian-sponsored [...]

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U.S. hires firm to cultivate rule of law in Iraq, Lebanon

BAE Systems' office in Edinburgh.  /Murdo Macleod/The Guardian

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has awarded BAE Systems a contract for law enforcement programs in at least two Middle East countries deemed dangerous for Americans. The State Department awarded BAE Systems a contract to support criminal justice and development programs in Iraq and Lebanon. BAE would provide the services under the [...]

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Report: Hands-off U.S. approach to Syria could lead to ‘terrifying outcomes’

A mass burial for the victims of the Houla massacre.  /Reuters

Special to WASHINGTON — Civil war in Syria would endanger U.S. national security, a report said. The Washington Institute for Near East Policy asserted that Washington’s policy against military intervention assured the widening of the civil war in Syria. The institute, in a report by executive director Robert Satloff, raised the prospect that President [...]

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Syrian power struggle breaks out in Lebanon as Alawite, Sunni militias clash

A Sunni gunman fires during clashes, in the northern port city of Tripoli, Lebanon on June 4.  /AP/Hussein Malla

Special to NICOSIA — Rivals and opponents of Syrian President Bashar Assad have been engaged in bloody battles in Lebanon. At least 15 people were killed and more than 50 were injured in fighting between the Alawite community and Sunnis in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli on June 3. The two sides employed [...]

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Iran now using commercial airlines ‘exclusively’ for arms shipments to Syria

Iran has created a secret air bridge from Teheran to Damascus, using Iran’s two largest commercial airlines.

Special to LONDON — Iran has succeeded in transporting weapons to its allies in Lebanon and Syria. Western security sources said Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was employing at least two Iranian airlines to sustain the arms flow to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad as well as Hizbullah. The sources said IRGC [...]

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Commander: Israel conducting ‘a daily war with Iran’ and its proxies

Maj. Gen. Yair Golan.

Special to TEL AVIV — Israel’s military has been fighting a daily war with Iran and its proxies. A senior Israeli commander said all arms of the military were engaged with Iran and its proxies on a daily basis. The commander cited Iran’s presence in Lebanon, Syria and the Gaza Strip. “We are indirectly [...]

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Opposition: Assad targeting rebel leaders based in Lebanon, Turkey

Turkish security forces have foiled a plot to kidnap Syrian rebel commander Riad Assad from his headquarters in a refugee camp along the Turkey-Syria border.

Special to ANKARA — President Bashar Assad is said to have ordered the abduction or assassination of the Sunni rebel leadership in Lebanon and Turkey. Opposition sources said the Syrian regime has sent agents to Lebanon and Turkey to assassinate or abduct Sunni rebel leaders. They said several plots were foiled in Turkey while [...]

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Weapons bought by Gulf states flowing to Syrian rebels from Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey

Syrian opposition supporters are trying to find ways to bring more anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons to the Free Syrian Army.  /Reuters

Special to WASHINGTON —  Persian Gulf states have opened a weapons line to Sunni rebels in Syria. Opposition sources said at least two Gulf Cooperation Council states were investing tens of millions of dollars per month to equip the rebels with weapons, munitions and basic supplies. The sources said the arms were flowing through such [...]

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