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Kuwait, Iraq sign border oil deal

Independent oil and gas company Kuwait Energy has won the exploration and development rights to block 9 in Basra, Iraq.

Special to BAGHDAD — Iraq and Kuwait have signed an agreement to search for energy along their border. Officials said a Kuwait-led consortium has signed a preliminary accord to search for border energy. The officials said the contract was signed on July 16 at the Iraqi Oil Ministry in Baghdad and would be sent [...]

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Kuwait calls on Islamists to cool protests ‘which would be ‘exploited by Iran’

Khalid Al-Sultan (R), a member of Kuwait's parliament, speaks to fellow opposition lawmakers at a protest rally in Kuwait City on June 26.  /Reuters/Stephanie McGehee

Special to ABU DHABI — The Kuwaiti leadership has urged the Islamist opposition to withdraw its protest campaign amid rising tension with Iran. Kuwaiti sources said Emir Sabah Al Ahmed Al Sabah has sent messages to leaders of the Islamist opposition to abort any campaign of demonstrations amid the decision to replace the 50-member [...]

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Saudis, Kuwait agree to reopen Wafra oil field

Special to ABU DHABI — Saudi Arabia has been preparing to revive a major crude oil field. Officials said Kuwait and Saudi Arabia were drafting plans to revive the Wafra heavy oil field along their mutual border. They said the two Gulf Cooperation Council states would decide on investment and technical details in 2013 [...]

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Kuwait deports 13,000 illegal aliens after dissolving Islamist parliament

Oil-rich Kuwait has begun to deport illegal immigrants seen as

Special to ABU DHABI — Kuwait has been deporting thousands of illegal aliens as part of a security crackdown. Security sources said the Gulf Cooperation Council sheikdom has deported nearly 13,000 foreign nationals since May 1. The sources said the expulsions reflect a crackdown by Kuwait against illegal aliens from primarily South Asian nations [...]

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Prince Salman, 76, named heir to the Saudi crown

Saudi Arabia’s Defense Minister Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz has been appointed the new heir apparent following the death of Crown Prince Prince Nayef.

Special to ABU DHABI — Defense Minister Prince Salman Bin Abdul Aziz has been named the next crown prince of Saudi Arabia. Salman, 76, was named heir to the crown on June 18 two days after the death of his predecessor and brother, Nayef. The appointment of Salman, who retained his post as defense [...]

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Gulf Arab states concerned for safety of their nationals in Egypt

Egyptian soldiers stand alert during a protest in front of Egypt's highest court, the Supreme Constitutional Court, in Cairo on June 14.  /AP

Special to ABU DHABI — The Gulf Cooperation Council has been concerned over renewed instability in Egypt. GCC officials said the six Gulf Arab members were closely monitoring Egypt in wake of the new seizure of power by the military regime. The officials said the dissolution of parliament and return to martial law could [...]

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Women causing trouble in Kuwait by frequenting cafes

Kuwait's parliament has warned of Western influence on the country's women.

Special to ABU DHABI — Kuwait has been urged by its Islamist parliament to establish a religious police force. Officials said the Interior Ministry is examining the prospect of forming a force that would enforce Islamic laws in the Gulf Cooperation Council sheikdom. The officials said the proposed unit has not been approved by [...]

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Ruling family feud in Kuwait; Leading daily warns it could turn violent

Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah.  /Getty Images

Special to ABU DHABI — Kuwait’s ruling family has been plunged into a feud that could turn violent. The ruling Al Sabah family is said to have been split into factions that was jeopardizing the regime in Kuwait. On April 15, a leading Kuwaiti daily warned that the family could be wracked by violence. [...]

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U.S. military weighs deploying elite forces at bases near Iraq

A U.S. military convoy leaves Iraq in December 2011.  /AFP/Getty Images

Special to WASHINGTON — The U.S. military, in wake of its withdrawal from Iraq, has sought to establish a base in neighboring Jordan. Officials said Central Command has sought to compensate for the U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq in late 2011. They said Centcom wanted to deploy small elite forces at bases in countries [...]

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U.S. Fifth Fleet patrolling Gulf to secure Kuwait, 25,000 troops

U.S. sailors assigned to Commander, Task Group (CTG) 56.5 patrol Kuwait Naval Base's harbor on Jan. 7.  /U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Krishna M. Jackson

Special to ABU DHABI — The U.S. Navy has released details of its effort to protect Kuwait. The Navy’s Fifth Fleet has been conducting patrols in the northern Gulf to prevent any attack on Kuwait. The Gulf Cooperation Council sheikdom contains more than 25,000 U.S. soldiers, many of them assigned to sustain the U.S. [...]

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