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3 days after coming back online, Egyptian pipeline bombed for 15th time

An Egyptian man walks in front of a gas pipeline, used to export fuel to Israel and Jordan, that was blown up by attackers on July 22 in El Arish.  /AFP

Special to CAIRO — Egypt’s natural gas pipeline has again been attacked. On July 22, the Arab Gas Pipeline, which spans Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, was bombed near the northern capital of El Arish. The facility was struck by suspected Bedouin insurgents three days after the restoration of operations. This marked the 15th attack on [...]

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Tourists thought to be Jews not safe in Jordan

A group of Jews visiting the Jordanian tourist site of Kerak in Jordan, where there is a Crusader castle and other sites, were attacked by local residents.

Special to AMMAN — Jewish tourists have been warned of threats to their security in Jordan. Tourist operators said Western and other nationals identified as Jews were being intimidated in the Hashemite kingdom. They said Jewish tourists were quietly encouraged to remove anything that could identify their faith. Tourism from neighboring Israel and the [...]

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Libyans bring rivalries to security academy in Jordan, torch 2 facilities

Public Security Department officers receive the first batch of Libyan police officers, who arrived in Amman for training on April 24.  /Jordan Times/File

Special to AMMAN — Jordan has intensified monitoring of hundreds of Libyan security trainees after a fire at a sports facility. Officials said Jordanian security forces were ordered to increase surveillance over Libyan security trainees in wake of a series of attacks at the Jordanian International Police Training Center outside Amman. Virtually all of [...]

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Jordan working with UN to accommodate 130,000 Syrian refugees

Syrian families at a makeshift camp in the Prince Hashem Stadium in the Jordanian border city of Ramtha.  /The Jordan Times/Taylor Luck

Special to AMMAN — Jordan, more than one year after the Sunni revolt, has decided to establish refugee camps to accommodate the 130,000 Syrians who fled the regime of President Bashar Assad. Officials said at least two refugee camps for Syrians would be assembled in northern Jordan. The officials said the effort would be [...]

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Jordan screens male refugees from Syria after arrests of Assad agents

hotos of Jordan's late King Hussein, left, and Jordan's King Abdullah II, right, are seen as a Jordanian border policeman shuts the gate to Syria near Ramtha city at the Jordanian- Syrian border.  /AP/Mohammad Hannon

Special to AMMAN — Jordan, concerned by the prospect of enemy agents, has intensified restrictions on the entry of refugees from neighboring Syria. Security sources said the Hashemite kingdom has been turning away scores of Syrians who sought entry to Jordan. The sources said security authorities were not allowing unaccompanied Syrian men between the [...]

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MiG-21 flown by Syrian defector checked out by U.S.

The MiG-21 plane that a Syrian defector landed in Jordan.  /AFP

Special to AMMAN — Jordan and the United States have been examining a Syrian Air Force MiG-21 flown by a defector from the regime of President Bashar Assad. Jordanian sources said the MiG-21 was examined by technical crews from the United States and Hashemite kingdom. The sources said the two sides sought to determine [...]

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Syrian pilot defects to Jordan with MiG-21

A handout picture obtained from Ammon News and supplied by Syrian activists shows the Syrian air force Russian-made MiG-21 plane that a pilot landed with in the King Hussein military base in northern Jordan on June 21.  /AFP/Ammon News

Special to AMMAN — For the first time since the Sunni revolt, a Syrian Air Force pilot has escaped with his fighter-jet in an effort to seek political asylum. Officials said a Syrian Air Force pilot Col. Hassan Hammadeh abandoned a training mission in Syria and flew into Jordan with his MiG-21 fighter-jet. They [...]

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Obama to U.S. intelligence: Oust Syria’s Assad in 2012

People gather at a mass burial for the victims purportedly killed during an artillery barrage from Syrian forces in Houla in this handout image dated May 26, 2012. U.N. observers in Syria have confirmed that artillery and tank shells were fired at a residential area of Houla, Syria, where at least 108 people, including many children, were killed, the U.N. chief said on Sunday in a letter to the Security Council.   /Reuters/Shaam News Network

Special to WASHINGTON — For the first time since the Sunni revolt in March 2011, the United States has begun operations against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Western diplomatic sources said the administration of President Barack Obama has ordered the U.S. intelligence community to ensure the ouster of Assad in 2012. The [...]

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Senate approves Egypt’s military aid, cuts Pakistan’s

Sen. Patrick Leahy.  /AP/J. Scott Applewhite

Special to WASHINGTON — The U.S. Senate has decided to maintain U.S. military aid to Egypt. A Senate panel has approved a foreign aid budget that maintains U.S. military aid to Egypt for 2013. The Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Foreign Operations agreed to a request by the administration of President Barack Obama for $1.3 [...]

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Weapons bought by Gulf states flowing to Syrian rebels from Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey

Syrian opposition supporters are trying to find ways to bring more anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons to the Free Syrian Army.  /Reuters

Special to WASHINGTON —  Persian Gulf states have opened a weapons line to Sunni rebels in Syria. Opposition sources said at least two Gulf Cooperation Council states were investing tens of millions of dollars per month to equip the rebels with weapons, munitions and basic supplies. The sources said the arms were flowing through such [...]

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