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Rise in Sinai insurgency attacks tied to Israel’s 2005 pullout from Gaza Strip

attack of the Egyptian military post and cross-border incursion was the largest attack carried out in Sinai by global jihad operatives against both Egyptian and Israeli targets.

Special to TEL AVIV — A leading Israeli strategist has linked the Islamist insurgency in Egypt to the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in 2005. Ehud Yaari, the strategist, said the insurgency presence in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula stemmed from Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. Yaari, regarded as close to the Israeli intelligence community, [...]

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Egypt closes 150 tunnels but Gaza smugglers still using 50

A Palestinian smuggler moves refrigerators through a tunnel from Egypt under the border in Rafah, Gaza Strip.  /AP/Eyad Baba

Special to CAIRO — Egypt has again failed to halt the huge Palestinian smuggling tunnel network. Security sources said Egypt has determined that Palestinian smuggling continues despite the closure of some 150 tunnels. They said the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip was deploying some 50 tunnels to transfer arms, fuel and construction material. [...]

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Egypt ties three Hamas commanders to Aug. 5 Sinai attack

Egyptian tanks arrive in the Sinai city of Rafah on Aug. 9.  /Reuters/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

Special to RAMALLAH — Egypt has demanded the extradition of three senior Hamas commanders from the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian daily Al Quds reported that Cairo has relayed a request for the transfer of three senior officials from the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip. Al Quds, quoting a senior security official, said Egypt [...]

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Hamas on high alert after killing of 16 Egyptian soldiers in Sinai

A member of the Hamas government’s security forces stands guard on the Palestinian side of Rafah.

Special to GAZA CITY — The Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip has been placed on alert for a war in neighboring Egypt. Officials said Hamas has mobilized more than 20,000 troops to maintain the stability of the Gaza Strip in wake of the killing of 16 Egyptian soldiers in the neighboring Sinai Peninsula. [...]

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Israeli Army training commandos for guerrilla tunnel wars

An Israeli soldier from the Yahalom unit takes part in a tunnel-hunting drill in near Tel Aviv on March 7.  /Reuters/Nir Elias

Special to TEL AVIV — The Israel Army has trained units and developed weapons to defeat underground threats. Military sources said the Army has established units meant to detect and capture underground enemy facilities. The sources said such Iranian proxies as Hamas, Hizbullah and Syria were building bunkers and tunnels to surprise Israeli ground [...]

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Palestinian Authority cracks down on public eating during Ramadan

Women shop in a store in preparation for the upcoming Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan in the West Bank city of Ramallah.  /Xinhua/Chen Xu

Special to RAMALLAH — For the first time in years, the Palestinian Authority has launched a campaign to enforce fasting during the Muslim month of Ramadan. The PA has been arresting people on charges of failing to observe the fast month of Ramadan. In Nablus, six people were detained and one sentenced to a [...]

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Egypt, Hamas move toward strategic alliance

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, right, meets the Hamas Prime Minister of Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh in Cairo on July 26.  /AP/Hamas, Mohamedf al-Ostaz

Special to GAZA CITY — Egypt and Hamas have reported an agreement meant to enhance border cooperation. Officials said Egypt and the Hamas regime agreed to cooperation on border security as well as an increase in the flow of people and goods to and from the Gaza Strip. The officials said Hamas Prime Minister [...]

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Christians in Gaza abducted, forced to convert to Islam

Inside the Saint Porfirios Greek Orthodox church in Gaza City.  /Reuters/Mohammed Salem

Special to RAMALLAH — Palestinian Christians have been forced to convert in the Gaza Strip. Christian sources said Islamists aligned with the Hamas regime were threatening the estimated 2,000 Christians and their churches throughout the Gaza Strip. They said at least five Greek Orthodox Christians have been abducted and forced to convert to Islam [...]

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Long-range Hamas machine-gun attack from Gaza hits Israeli restaurant

A man stands next to his car, damaged by bullets, allegedly shot from the Palestinian Gaza Strip towards Yad Mordechay in southern Israel.

Special to TEL AVIV — The Israeli military has determined the introduction of a long-range machine gun by the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip. Military sources said Hamas and its Palestinian militia allies have begun firing a heavy machine-gun with a range of up to eight kilometers. They sources said the weapon was [...]

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Report: Palestinian militias sponsored all attacks from Sinai on Israel

Israeli security forces survey the scene of an attack by militants near the southern Israeli village of Kadesh Barnea, along Israel's border with Egypt's Sinai desert on June 18.  /Reuters/Amir Cohen

Special to WASHINGTON — Israel’s intelligence community has concluded that Palestinian militias were behind all of the attacks from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. A report by Washington Institute for Near East Policy asserted that Hamas and Palestinian militias from the Gaza Strip were sponsoring the campaign against Israel from Sinai. The report said the Palestinians [...]

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