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Gulf states agree to expand regional force of 30,000 troops

The Peninsula Shield Force currently stands at 30,000 soldiers.

Special to ABU DHABI — The Gulf Cooperation Council has adopted proposals to expand its regional force. Officials said the six GCC members agreed to significantly expand the Peninsula Shield Force. They said the military would be enlarged and assigned a range of operational tasks. “This is the first real effort to make Peninsula [...]

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Saudi, Bahrain plan merger culminating in Gulf confederation to counter Iran

government supporters waving red-and-white Bahraini flags and green Saudi flags at Bahrain's Grand Mosque in Manama, Bahrain, raise a sign backing unity among Gulf Arab nations led by Saudi Arabia.  /AP/Hasan Jamali

Special to ABU DHABI — Bahrain and Saudi Arabia were expected to become the first Gulf Cooperation Council states to merge amid the threat from neighboring Iran. The Eurasia Group reported that Bahrain and Saudi Arabia were working to formally join together in an effort to bolster the Sunni regime in Manama. Eurasia said [...]

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U.S. resumes arms to Bahrian after consensus reached on Iran threat

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland.

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States intends to resume weapons exports to Bahrain. The administration of President Barack Obama told Congress that Washington would renew arms shipments to Bahrain. In a statement on May 11, Congress was told that U.S. engines and ships would be delivered to Bahrain’s military, coast guard and security [...]

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Bahrain warns it will prosecute clerics who preach violence

Bahraini cleric Sheik Abdul Jalil al-Meghdad,right, leads anti-government protesters during midday prayers at the Pearl roundabout in Manama.  /Hasan Jamali/AP/File

Special to ABU DHABI — Bahrain has launched a crackdown on clerics who express support for the Shi’ite revolt in the Gulf Cooperation Council kingdom. The Cabinet said clerics who preach violence would be prosecuted. In a statement on May 6, the Cabinet warned against political sermons or other activities in mosques throughout Bahrain. [...]

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Bahrain green lights Formula One race despite Shi’ite revolt

The 2012 Formula One Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix is scheduled for April 20 to 22 at Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir.

Special to ABU DHABI — Bahrain has decided to stage a major international race amid rising Shi’ite violence. Officials said the Interior Ministry recommended that Bahrain host the Formula One race on April 20. They said the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix, meant to last three days, would take place with a minimum of [...]

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Chemical tanker explodes in Arabian Gulf

The Liberian-flagged (MV) Stolt Valor on fire in the Arabian Gulf.  /U.S. Navy photo

Special to ABU DHABI — A tanker exploded near Saudi Arabia, triggering a regional alert. The ship, identified as MV Stolt Valor, exploded near the Saudi coast on March 19. The explosion triggered an alert in neighboring Bahrain and Qatar for oil spill and chemical fallout. Officials said the Liberian-registered tanker left Saudi Arabia’s [...]

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U.S. Navy adds four minesweepers to Gulf fleet

The mine countermeasures ship Scout, seen detonating a simulated mine in an exercise, will be joined by four more minesweepers as the U.S. Navy beefs up its mine forces in the Persian Gulf.  /U.S. Navy photo

Special to WASHINGTON — The U.S. Navy, preparing for a showdown with Iran, has been ordered to send additional surface vessels to the Gulf. Officials said the Navy would send special ships to foil any Iranian attempt to blockade the Strait of Hormuz in 2012. They said the vessels were expected to arrive in [...]

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‘We have a deal’: Russia replaces Iran as Bahrain’s natural gas supplier

Special to ABU DHABI — Bahrain has ordered natural gas from Russia. Officials said Bahrain would begin importing liquefied natural gas from Russia by 2014. They said Russia would replace Iran as a supplier of liquid gas amid deteriorating relations between Manama and Teheran. “Whether Russia supplies us with Iranian liquid gas or from [...]

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Texas firm gets $1 billion contract to fuel U.S. military in Gulf

American military planes and support facilities are seen at the Al Udeid Air Base outside Doha, Qatar.  /AP

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has launched an effort to ensure logistics for its military in the Gulf in 2012. The Defense Department has awarded a more than $1 billion contract for fuel for the U.S. military presence in Gulf Cooperation Council states. The U.S. military contains a major presence in such [...]

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Bahrain military chief accuses U.S. NGOs of backing a Shi’ite coup

A Bahraini pro-reform protester waves the Bahraini flag during clashes with police in Sitra village, south of Manama on Jan. 1.  /EPA

Special to ABU DHABI — For the first time, Bahrain has accused the United States of fomenting a Shi’ite coup in the Gulf Cooperation Council kingdom. Bahrain’s military chief said Washington was supporting numerous non-governmental organizations assigned to generate unrest in the Sunni Arab state. Field Marshal Khalifa Bin Ahmed Al Khalifa said the [...]

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