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Iran threat: Proxies have WMD, ‘will certainly target Tel Aviv’

Hizbullah is receiving WMDs from the IRGC, according to an Iranian defector.

Special to WorldTribune.com NICOSIA — Iran is said to have supplied weapons of mass destruction to proxies in the Middle East. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard said its supporters have been given WMD assets. IRGC, in an analysis on its website, did not elaborate, but said WMD would be used in any war against Israel. “Groups [...]

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Rise in Sinai insurgency attacks tied to Israel’s 2005 pullout from Gaza Strip

attack of the Egyptian military post and cross-border incursion was the largest attack carried out in Sinai by global jihad operatives against both Egyptian and Israeli targets.

Special to WorldTribune.com TEL AVIV — A leading Israeli strategist has linked the Islamist insurgency in Egypt to the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in 2005. Ehud Yaari, the strategist, said the insurgency presence in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula stemmed from Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. Yaari, regarded as close to the Israeli intelligence community, [...]

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Syrian Kurds seen establishing establishing own state linked to northern Iraq

As the Assad regime loses ground in the Syrian civil war, ethnic Kurds are gaining more and more leverage.

Special to WorldTribune.com AMMAN — Syrian Kurds were expected to form a state amid the Sunni revolt against President Bashar Assad, a report said. Jordan’s Al Quds Center for Political Studies has urged the Arab world to prepare for the establishment of a Syrian Kurdish state that could link to the autonomous Kurdish region in [...]

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Sacrosanct social safety net: Why devout Catholic Paul Ryan threatens cafeteria Catholics


Jeffrey T. Kuhner Rep. Paul Ryan poses a mortal threat to our social safety net. This is the argument being made against him by many liberal Catholics. It will be the next wave of the left’s assault on the Republican ticket after Mitt Romney’s decision to choose Mr. Ryan as his running mate. The attack [...]

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Nepal bans women under 30 from working in Gulf

"Young female workers are reported to have been sexually and psychologically exploited in Gulf countries."

Special to WorldTribune.com By Anil Giri, FreePressers.com The government of Nepal on Aug. 9 responded to reports of abuse by banning women under 30 from accepting work in the Persian Gulf States. The action followed widespread reports that women from Nepal working in the Gulf region are frequently subjected to harassment and to sexual and [...]

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UAE advancing on major offshore oil development

Artificial islands have been built in the shallows above the Zakum oil field.

Special to WorldTribune.com ABU DHABI — The United Arab Emirates has been moving ahead with a major offshore energy project. The UAE Oil Ministry has been advancing in the first phase of the Zakum offshore oil field. The ministry has awarded the state-owned National Petroleum Construction Co. and France’s Technip an $800 million contract to [...]

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Report: Several nations providing ‘semi-covert’ assist to Syrian revolution

A Free Syrian Army fighter fires an AK-47 rifle from a house in Aleppo.  /Reuters/Goran Tomasevic

Special to WorldTribune.com LONDON — Arab and Western countries have been providing help to the Sunni revolt in Syria, a report said. Chatam House, a leading British think tank, said a range of countries were quietly intervening in the war against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad. In a report, Chatam cited both NATO [...]

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Senior Israeli: ‘Home front is ready as never before’ in country’s history

Israeli Home Front Minister Matan Vilnai:

Special to WorldTribune.com TEL AVIV — Israel has assessed that it must prepare for a month-long war with Iran and its proxies. Officials said the Israeli military and intelligence community have discussed a range of scenarios of war between Iran and the Jewish state. They said the discussions included how Iran and its proxies would [...]

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Tantawi drops off the radar screen in post-Mubarak Egypt

Egypt's newly appointed defense minister, Lt. Gen. Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi, left, meeting with President Mohamed Morsi in Cairo.  /Egyptian Presidency, via AP

Special to WorldTribune.com CAIRO — Egypt has continued its purge of military commanders appointed by then-President Hosni Mubarak. Egypt’s new defense minister, Abdul Fatah Sisi, has made his first appointments since he was named by President Mohammed Morsi. Sisi, said to be close to the ruling Muslim Brotherhood, ordered the replacement of senior commanders appointed [...]

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Rebels report Syria using thermobaric bombs

Rebel sources say the Syrian regime has begun to use

Special to WorldTribune.com NICOSIA — The Syrian opposition says the regime of President Bashar Assad was using advanced munitions against Sunni rebel strongholds. Opposition sources said the Syrian Army was dropping so-called fuel-air bombs on rebel-held areas in northern Syria. The sources said the bomb, also known as thermobaric, was designed to produce a large [...]

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