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Tunisia deports Moroccan clerics said to spread Al Qaida tenets

Moroccan Salafist clerics Omar El Hadouchi (left) and Hassan Kattani were recently deported by Tunisia.

Special to CAIRO — Tunisia has been concerned over the influence of Al Qaida-aligned clerics from neighboring Morocco. Officials said the Tunis government was intent on countering efforts by Muslim elements in Morocco to spread Al Qaida doctrine. The officials said the Moroccans were encouraging violence in Tunisia, particularly against secular and Western elements [...]

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Israeli tourists warned of terror strikes in Tunisia

Inside el Ghriba synagogue on the Tunisian island of Djerba.  /Bartek Kuzia photo

Special to JERUSALEM — Israel has warned its nationals against visiting Tunisia. The National Security Council has warned of a threat of an attack on Israelis or Jews in the North African state. The council’s Counter-Terrorism Bureau said the attack could take place during a Jewish holiday in May. “The NSCCTB notes that there [...]

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Obama administration doubles military aid to Islamist-led Tunisia

U.S. Ambassador Gordon Gray and Gen. Carter Ham address reporters in Tunis.

Special to CAIRO — The United States has significantly increased military aid to Tunisia. Officials said the administration of President Barack Obama has provided Tunisia with $32 million in military aid since January 2011 when President Zine El Abedin Bin Ali was overthrown. The officials said the assistance included training and equipment for the [...]

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Well-funded Islamist militias challenging Tunisia’s new government

Tunisian police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of Islamists who set fire to a police station on Feb. 23.  /Reuters

Special to CAIRO — Tunisia has been facing the increasing threat of an Islamic insurgency. Officials said the Interior Ministry has become alarmed by the growth of Islamic militias over the last six months. They said the militias were comprised of young men, including university students, intent on turning Tunisia into an Islamic state. [...]

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One year after kicking off ‘Arab Spring’, Tunisia appeals for increase in U.S. military aid

Tunisia is seeking U.S. funding to help shore up its border security.  /Reuters

Special to CAIRO — Tunisia has reiterated its request for increased military assistance from the United States. Tunisian Defense Minister Abdul Karim Zbidi said the North African state needed U.S. defense and military aid to help in border security. Zbidi said Tunis also wanted Washington to help organize and equip Tunisia’s military in wake [...]

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PLO infuriated by preferential treatment Hamas now gets in Arab states

Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki (right) receives from Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya the key of Al-Quds on Jan. 5 at Carthage Palace in Tunis.  /AFP/Getty Images

Special to CAIRO — Arab League states have been ignoring the Palestine Liberation Organization for the Islamist opposition. Arab diplomats said Hamas has threatened to overshadow the PLO in numerous Middle East capitals. They said Hamas delegations were given the red-carpet treatment in such countries as Egypt, Qatar, Tunisia and Turkey. “Hamas is being [...]

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Report: Bin Ali gone, but his huge security force remains a problem for Tunisia’s Islamist government

A member of the Tunisian security forces takes aim at a demonstrator during unrest in Regueb in January 2011.  /AFP/Getty Images

Special to WASHINGTON — The new Islamist-dominated government in Tunisia faces a major challenge in gaining control over the security forces, according to a U.S. report. The report said ousted president Zein Abidine Bin Ali, deemed a major human rights violator, was believed to have employed 200,000 security officers, far larger than the military. [...]

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Religious police appears in Tunisia following Islamic victory at polls

Special to CAIRO — Islamic operatives have formed a police force in Tunisia. The so-called Salafists have established what was termed a religious police force. The force, called “Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice,” was meant to be modeled after the religious police force in Saudi Arabia. “This is [...]

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Winter: Bankers warn Arab states are in economic ‘state of emergency’

Special to NICOSIA — The Arab world, shaken by major revolts in several countries, has experienced a sharp economic decline. Leading Middle East bankers have warned that Arab League states were plunged into what they termed a “state of emergency.” They said the pro-democracy revolts in such countries as Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Syria and [...]

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U.S. to embrace new Islamist regimes: ‘Revolutions … are not by us, for us, or against us’

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton addresses the National Democratic Institute's 2011 Democracy Awards Dinner in Washington on Nov. 7. /AP/Cliff Owen

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States is preparing to work with the new Islamist regimes in the Middle East. Officials said the administration of President Barack Obama would embrace the Islamic revolutions of Egypt, Libya and Tunisia and seek their cooperation for American policy in the Middle East. “Revolutions are not ours,” Secretary [...]

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