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Sudan, South fail to agree on oil-rich border


Special to CAIRO — Sudan and South Sudan have failed to reach agreement to establish a demilitarized zone. Officials said the Khartoum regime and its new southern neighbor presented significantly different maps in trying to delineate a demilitarized zone. The officials said Juba cited British maps from the 1950s that sought to separate the [...]

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Sudanese troops kill 45 rebels as Darfour fighting resumes

Rebels in Sudan's Darfour region..  /AFP/Albert Gonzalez Farran

Special to CAIRO — Heavy fighting has resumed in Sudan’s Darfour. The Sudanese Army said rebels have clashed with soldiers in North Darfour in early June. In a series of clashes, the Army said, at least 45 Darfour rebels were killed. “There were also Sudanese troops killed,” Sudanese Army spokesman Sawarme Khalid Saad said. [...]

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Car bomb kills arms smuggler; Sudan links attack to Israel

Police investigate the site of a car explosion in Port Sudan on May 22.  /Reuters

Special to CAIRO — A leading arms smuggler to the Gaza Strip was said to have been killed in Sudan. Officials said a leading Sudanese weapons trader was killed in his car on May 22 in Port Sudan. They identified the victim as Nasser Awadallah Ahmed Said, 65, deemed a leading member of the [...]

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Emergency anti-aircraft weapons urged for South Sudan

Residents try to extinguish fires still burning in the smoldering remains of a market in Rubkona near Bentiu, South Sudan on April 23. A boy was killed and at least two people were wounded when Sudanese aircraft bombed an area near the town of Bentiu in South Sudan.  /AP/Michael Onyiego

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has been urged to ship anti-aircraft batteries to South Sudan. A former senior U.S. official said South Sudan required urgent assistance to repel the daily air strikes by Sudan. Former U.S. special envoy to Sudan Andrew Natsios said U.S. air defense batteries to Juba would force the [...]

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South Sudan reports series of wins on the ground but Khartoum controls the air

Soldiers of South Sudan's SPLA Army at a military base in Bentiu on April 22.  /Reuters/Goran Tomasevic

Special to CAIRO — South Sudan has reported gains in the ground war against its northern adversary. South Deputy Defense Minister Majak Dagoot said his forces repeatedly defeated the Sudanese Army in their war in April. Dagoot said South Sudan won at least seven victories in a two-week period in the border war. “The [...]

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Sudan deploys fighter jets, Mi-24s near border with South


Special to WASHINGTON — Sudan has moved its combat aircraft fleet toward its southern neighbor, a report said. The Satellite Sentinel Project asserted that the Sudanese Air Force has deployed fighter-jets and attack helicopters near the border with South Sudan. The Washington-based group, citing commercial satellite imagery, said the Air Force was using two [...]

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Sudan declares war on South, vows to overthrow its government

This photo of Saturday, April 14, 2012, shows the aftermath of a bombing by the Sudanese Air Force in Bentiu, South Sudan.  /AP/Michael Onyiego

Special to CAIRO — Sudan, conducting daily air strikes, has widened its war against its southern neighbor. Officials from both countries reported an expansion of the war by the Khartoum regime against South Sudan. They said the Sudanese Army has sent thousands of troops to recapture the disputed oil-rich town of Heglig. “This is [...]

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Sudan, South Sudan on track for all-out war

Soldiers of the Sudanese People's Liberation Army (SPLA).  /UN photo

Special to CAIRO — Sudan and its new southern neighbor have been advancing toward full-scale war. Western diplomats said fighting between Sudan and South Sudan has been the worst since the separation of the two entities in July 2011. They said both militaries appeared ready to fight a full-scale war. “For a while, both [...]

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S. Sudan has surface-to-air missiles, downs Sudanese MiG-29

A South Sudan soldier walks at a ruptured oil well in South Sudan's Unity State, March 3, 2012. South Sudan accused Khartoum of bombing two oil wells in the north of the new nation.

Special to CAIRO — The new republic of South Sudan has demonstrated a newly-found air defense capability. Officials said South Sudan has begun operating surface-to-air missiles along the border with Sudan. They said the new unidentified air defense systems have shot down at least one fighter-jet from the Sudanese Air Force. “Their planes have [...]

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Sudan Army deploying drones from Iran in war with South

SPLA soldiers display an Iranian-made drone, believed operated by Khartoum, which they claim to have shot down.

Special to LONDON — Iran is said to have supplied unmanned aerial vehicles to Sudan. Opposition sources said the Sudanese military has been operating Iranian-origin UAVs for missions along the border of South Sudan. They said Sudanese Army UAVs were spotted in several areas near and inside South Sudan. “The use of Iranian-made Shihab [...]

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