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Solar plane transits harsh Moroccan conditions without fuel

Solar Impulse.

Special to CAIRO — Morocco has hosted the largest demonstration of a solar-powered aircraft. The Swiss-origin Solar Impulse has used Morocco to demonstrate the aircraft’s ability to fly without fuel and under harsh conditions. Solar Impulse, operated by pilot Andre Borschberg, succeeded in flying from Morocco’s capital, Rabat, to the southern Moroccan town of [...]

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Solar aircraft flies from Spain to Morocco ‘without a drop of fuel’

The Solar Impulse.

Special to CAIRO — Morocco has become the host of the first transcontinental flight by a solar-powered aircraft. The Solar Impulse aircraft was said to have arrived in Rabat after a 2,500 kilometer flight on early June 6. The plane, equipped with 12,000 solar cells, was invited by the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy [...]

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Collapsing Europe is in crisis and the U.S. bailout option, for once, is not available

A one euro coin is pictured with a British pound coin. Britain's economy sank back into recession in the first quarter, when it contracted by 0.2 percent amid ongoing state austerity and the eurozone debt crisis, official data shows.  /AFP

Sol W. Sanders   [See Archive] Despite the fact that Europe is in the Northern Hemisphere, the downward swirl of the euro this month took a reverse direction and started going left — counterclockwise. Maybe it is the first part of the Mayan prediction that gravity will fail later this year and we will all [...]

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EU defense cuts erode peackeeping mission in Lebanon

Peacekeeping troops with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) patrol an area near Marjayoun.  /Ali Dia/AFP/Getty Images

Special to LONDON — The United Nations peacekeeping force in Lebanon, amid pressure to cut national defense budgets, was preparing to undergo a reduction. Diplomats said a range of European Union countries were preparing to reduce their contingents in the UN Interim Force in Lebanon over the next year. The diplomats said at least [...]

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An echo of 1930s Spain in Syria today

Sol W. Sanders Some old dead white man said: “All historical analogies are odious”. He meant they stink because time, place and dramatis personae of any historical event are so particularistic, drawing similarities with another event defies logic. Yet, yet … we amateur historians play at the game and often. And perhaps there is value [...]

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World waits for someone to do something, and then waits some more

Residents protest against Syria's President Bashar al-Assad after a burial ceremony for what activists say are victims of shelling by the Syrian army, in Homs on Feb. 4. Syrian forces killed more than 200 people in an assault on the city of Homs, activists said, the bloodiest day of an 11-month uprising against Assad. / Reuters

Sol W. Sanders Looking around the world, the striking characteristic is waiting out a number of crises. Their outcome seems almost artificially suspended, and their interaction on one another and their ultimate effect on the world is at issue. We start with the Euro. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s supplications in Beijing were perhaps laudable but a [...]

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A few observations about Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street protesters get dressed as executives before taking part in a march in Zuccotti Park, near Wall Street in New York Oct. 15. / Reuters / Eduardo Munoz

By Sumantra Maitra, Almost twenty years back, when the Soviet and East European states crumbled, who would have thought that socialism would make such a comeback? Here are a few ground truths about the Occupy Wall Street movement and the various spinoffs it has started.   They are not democratic: No surprise there, really. [...]

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