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Solar plane transits harsh Moroccan conditions without fuel

Solar Impulse.

Special to CAIRO — Morocco has hosted the largest demonstration of a solar-powered aircraft. The Swiss-origin Solar Impulse has used Morocco to demonstrate the aircraft’s ability to fly without fuel and under harsh conditions. Solar Impulse, operated by pilot Andre Borschberg, succeeded in flying from Morocco’s capital, Rabat, to the southern Moroccan town of [...]

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U.S. assures Algeria on $1 billion tank deal with Morocco

Morocco has requested a possible enhancement and refurbishment of 200 M1A1 Abrams tanks.

Special to WASHINGTON — Morocco has decided to build a U.S.-origin main battle tank fleet. The North African kingdom has requested 200 M1A1 MBTs from the United States in a project estimated at more than $1 billion. Under the request, Washington would provide surplus Abrams, overhaul the platforms as well as supply training and [...]

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Solar aircraft flies from Spain to Morocco ‘without a drop of fuel’

The Solar Impulse.

Special to CAIRO — Morocco has become the host of the first transcontinental flight by a solar-powered aircraft. The Solar Impulse aircraft was said to have arrived in Rabat after a 2,500 kilometer flight on early June 6. The plane, equipped with 12,000 solar cells, was invited by the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy [...]

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Australian firm targets Moroccan coast for energy search

Polarcus Samur commences a 3D seismic survey off the coast of Morocco for Tangiers Petroleum.

Special to LONDON — A Western energy contractor plans to intensify exploration in Morocco over the next year. Australia’s Tangiers Petroleum was preparing to explore a 670 kilometer block off the coast of Morocco in 2012. Tangiers has completed a three-dimensional seismic survey at the offshore block of Tarfaya and was conducting analysis in [...]

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Morocco pardons clerics with Al Qaida ties in ‘national reconciliation’ bid

Muslim cleric Omar Heddouchi speaks at a press conference with fellow former detainees Hassan al-Kettani on the right and Abou Hafs on the left in Rabat, Morocco on Feb. 9.  /AP/Paul Schemm

Special to CAIRO — Morocco, led by an Islamist government, has begun releasing Al Qaida-aligned clerics. The North African kingdom has freed several clerics linked to Al Qaida, including the suicide bombings in Casablanca in 2003. Officials said the release was part of a campaign to reconcile with the so-called Salafist opposition. “The state [...]

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Tunisia deports Moroccan clerics said to spread Al Qaida tenets

Moroccan Salafist clerics Omar El Hadouchi (left) and Hassan Kattani were recently deported by Tunisia.

Special to CAIRO — Tunisia has been concerned over the influence of Al Qaida-aligned clerics from neighboring Morocco. Officials said the Tunis government was intent on countering efforts by Muslim elements in Morocco to spread Al Qaida doctrine. The officials said the Moroccans were encouraging violence in Tunisia, particularly against secular and Western elements [...]

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Morocco’s king vetoes Islamist cultural reforms to preserve image of tolerant Muslim state

King Mohammed VI of Morocco.

Special to CAIRO — King Mohammed has begun vetoing decisions by Morocco’s new Islamist government. The king has taken measures to restrict the authority of the Islamist government of Prime Minister Abdul Ilah Benkirane. In the latest move, Mohammed fired the president of the nation’s broadcast authority, which sought to ban advertisements for gambling [...]

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Morocco’s Islamist-controlled parliament eyes king’s power

Abdelilah Benkirane (L), meets with Morocco's King Mohammed VI on November 29, 2011 in Midelt. The king on named Benkirane as prime minister after his Islamist party's election victory.  /Azzouz Boukallouch/AFP/Getty Images

Special to CAIRO — Morocco’s new Islamist parliament wants to reduce the authority of King Mohammed. Parliament has introduced legislation that would strip some of the powers of the king. The bill called for the transfer of some of the king’s authority to Morocco’s new Islamist prime minister, Abdelilah Benkirane. “In this country, even [...]

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Morocco acknowledges security ties to drug traffickers

Special to CAIRO — In an unprecedented admission, Morocco has linked security forces to drug traffickers. The Morocccan Interior Ministry said a drug trafficking network was working with elements in the kingdom’s security services. The ministry did not identify the Moroccan agencies or any suspected officers. “Within the framework of investigations conducted by the [...]

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Morocco seen having major energy potential


Special to LONDON — Morocco has been deemed a major potential energy site. A senior Western executive said Morocco could find major crude oil and natural gas reserves in the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. The executive, Damon Neaves of Australia’s Pura Vida, said Morocco could benefit from recent offshore discoveries of high grade [...]

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