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From the safety of the West, recalling Stalin’s infinitely dangerous madness

Stalin in the background and his daughter Svetlana sitting on the lap of Lavrentiy Beria.

Lev Navrozov Let me remind my dear readers that I was born in 1928, that is, I was to live in Stalin’s hell on earth. Created in pre-Soviet Russia were works of genius (such as those of Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, or Chekhov), which were translated into the languages of all culturally advanced countries. The Russian classical [...]

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Demise of the West: Waiting for Act II, but the stage is empty


Special to By Gregory Copley, Global Information System It would be a mistake to think that the Western economic crisis is being managed toward a successful conclusion; that perhaps it can escape from disaster. Rather, most Western societies have moved closer to the brink of economic — and therefore political and social — instability [...]

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Love for Obama fades, even in Europe

Then Sen. Barack Obama waved to the crowd at Tiergarten Park in Berlin in 2008. / Jae C. Hong / AP

Wesley Pruden Unrequited love is a sad and mournful thing, as any teenager could tell you. Barack Obama, too. His European friends, who swooned with such ardor four years ago, are cooling off. Mr. Obama still nourishes his lifelong crush on the Europeans, regarding them as the source of the type of government compassion and [...]

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Al Qaida reports execution of German hostage in Nigeria

German engineer Edgar Fitz Raupach was reportedly killed by his Al Qaida captors.

Special to WASHINGTON — Al Qaida has warned the West against trying to rescue hostages held in North Africa through military means. Al Qaida Organization in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has reported the death of a European hostage said to have been killed in a botched rescue attempt. AQIM said the operation was sponsored [...]

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Pearl Harbor, 9-11 and the neo-isolationist temptation

The wreckage at Pearl Harbor Naval Air Station after the attack.   /US Navy/National Archives

Sol W. Sanders   [See Archive] Chief Political Correctness High Priestess Diane Rehm, with one of her often-biased radio panel discussions, recently carried this ancient back to the late 1930s’ Great Debate, framed as “isolationism” vs. “interventionism” in foreign policy. (Full disclosure: I was a teen-age member of William Allen White’s Committee for Defending America [...]

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The coming train wreck

G8 Nations heads of state (from left) Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper, French President Francois Hollande, U.S. President Barack Obama, Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron and Russia's Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev gather at Camp David, Maryland on May 19.  /Larry Downing/Reuters

Sol W. Sanders   [See Archive] Resembling a huge 74-wheeler packed with unassembled goodies, the U.S. is stranded on the world economy grade-crossing with the Euro express gathering speed as it tears down the Trans-Atlantic financial tracks for a seemingly inevitable collision. A police report written by patronizing Harvard economists some time in the dim [...]

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Donald Trump, Germany and the Fox News media culture


By Uwe Siemon-Netto, A nauseating remark by Donald Trump on Fox News about Germany this week made me wonder if today’s American and European conservatives are living on the same planet – assuming for the sake of an argument that this network is the authentic voice of conservatives in the U.S.A. Discussing the Euro [...]

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End of Atlanticism and the rise of Germany: The West looks East and yields to unelected bureaucracies

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel addresses a news conference after talks with Slovenia's Prime Minister Janez Jansa in Berlin on May 9.  /Tobias Schwarz/Reuters

Special to By Gregory Copley, Global Information System Europe is at a pivotal point. Or, rather, it is at a point where its structural transformation can no longer be ignored. Events in Europe have finally led us to the dénouement of the 20th Century. It may presage a new Europe tied more firmly into [...]

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France’s pendulum swing to the left jolts a continent’s fault lines

Francois Hollande with his companion French journalist Valerie Trierweiler, answers a journalist's questions during a visit at the market in Tulle, on the eve of the presidential election second round on May 5.  /Lionel Cironneau/AP

John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — Tone, tenor, and style separate Nicolas Sarkozy from Francois Hollande as much as clear political ideology divided the two contenders for the French presidency. But sentiments like voter discontent, backlash and anti-austerity describe the mood French voters were in when they elected the Socialist candidate. Francois Hollande’s victory with [...]

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Germany donates decontamination systems to Israel

The TEP-90 decontamination system.  /defpro

Special to TEL AVIV — Israel has ordered advanced decontamination systems from Germany. Officials said Germany has agreed to donate the TEP-90 decontamination system to Israel. The officials said up to eight TEP-90s could arrive in Israel over the next year. “The first will arrive around June and undergo tests before additional systems are [...]

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