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Shipbuilding tech deal with France boosts India in Pacific region

P-75 Scorpene-class submarine.

Special to WorldTribune.com Compiled by Miles Yu, Geostrategy-Direct.com France-based shipbuilding giant DCNS, SA has inked a deal with India’s largest shipbuilding firm Pipavav exclusively to focus on transferring European know-how and technologies in naval shipbuilding to India. The move is expected to improve India’s indigenous shipbuilding capabilities to produce world-class submarines and surface warships. The [...]

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Demise of the West: Waiting for Act II, but the stage is empty


Special to WorldTribune.com By Gregory Copley, Global Information System It would be a mistake to think that the Western economic crisis is being managed toward a successful conclusion; that perhaps it can escape from disaster. Rather, most Western societies have moved closer to the brink of economic — and therefore political and social — instability [...]

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The coming train wreck

G8 Nations heads of state (from left) Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper, French President Francois Hollande, U.S. President Barack Obama, Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron and Russia's Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev gather at Camp David, Maryland on May 19.  /Larry Downing/Reuters

Sol W. Sanders   [See Archive] Resembling a huge 74-wheeler packed with unassembled goodies, the U.S. is stranded on the world economy grade-crossing with the Euro express gathering speed as it tears down the Trans-Atlantic financial tracks for a seemingly inevitable collision. A police report written by patronizing Harvard economists some time in the dim [...]

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Donald Trump, Germany and the Fox News media culture


By Uwe Siemon-Netto, FreePressers.com A nauseating remark by Donald Trump on Fox News about Germany this week made me wonder if today’s American and European conservatives are living on the same planet – assuming for the sake of an argument that this network is the authentic voice of conservatives in the U.S.A. Discussing the Euro [...]

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End of Atlanticism and the rise of Germany: The West looks East and yields to unelected bureaucracies

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel addresses a news conference after talks with Slovenia's Prime Minister Janez Jansa in Berlin on May 9.  /Tobias Schwarz/Reuters

Special to WorldTribune.com By Gregory Copley, Global Information System Europe is at a pivotal point. Or, rather, it is at a point where its structural transformation can no longer be ignored. Events in Europe have finally led us to the dénouement of the 20th Century. It may presage a new Europe tied more firmly into [...]

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France’s pendulum swing to the left jolts a continent’s fault lines

Francois Hollande with his companion French journalist Valerie Trierweiler, answers a journalist's questions during a visit at the market in Tulle, on the eve of the presidential election second round on May 5.  /Lionel Cironneau/AP

John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — Tone, tenor, and style separate Nicolas Sarkozy from Francois Hollande as much as clear political ideology divided the two contenders for the French presidency. But sentiments like voter discontent, backlash and anti-austerity describe the mood French voters were in when they elected the Socialist candidate. Francois Hollande’s victory with [...]

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Collapsing Europe is in crisis and the U.S. bailout option, for once, is not available

A one euro coin is pictured with a British pound coin. Britain's economy sank back into recession in the first quarter, when it contracted by 0.2 percent amid ongoing state austerity and the eurozone debt crisis, official data shows.  /AFP

Sol W. Sanders   [See Archive] Despite the fact that Europe is in the Northern Hemisphere, the downward swirl of the euro this month took a reverse direction and started going left — counterclockwise. Maybe it is the first part of the Mayan prediction that gravity will fail later this year and we will all [...]

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EU defense cuts erode peackeeping mission in Lebanon

Peacekeeping troops with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) patrol an area near Marjayoun.  /Ali Dia/AFP/Getty Images

Special to WorldTribune.com LONDON — The United Nations peacekeeping force in Lebanon, amid pressure to cut national defense budgets, was preparing to undergo a reduction. Diplomats said a range of European Union countries were preparing to reduce their contingents in the UN Interim Force in Lebanon over the next year. The diplomats said at least [...]

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Twilight for two once-great civilizations

Srreet prayer blocks traffic in France.

Jeffrey T. Kuhner France’s decay serves as a warning to America. For centuries, Paris was the cradle of Western civilization. The French, however, have hit hard times. Their country is dying, and most French citizens don’t seem to care. This threatens to be our fate as well. France’s first-round presidential elections were held on Sunday. [...]

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Sarko, the waffle and the future of France

Marine Le Pen, National Front Party Candidate for the 2012 French presidential election casts her ballot to vote in the first round of the 2012 French presidential election in a polling station in Henin-Beaumont, April 22, 2012. / Pascal Rossignol / Reuters

Wesley Pruden Nothing focuses a politician’s mind like staring at oblivion, and reluctantly contemplating himself at the center of that dark and dreary place. Though it may be too late to save himself, Nicolas Sarkozy is scared contrite and humble, a remarkable precedent for a French president. On the eve of Sunday’s voting, he offered [...]

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