Syrian Rebels take control of key areas on Iraq border

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NICOSIA — Sunni rebels have reported the capture of parts of Syria’s
border with Iraq.

Opposition sources said rebel units were taking control over key parts
of the 500-kilometer Iraqi-Syrian border. They said Syrian Army and Air
Force personnel were fleeing border posts in face of rebel assaults.

Syrian rebels have reported the capture of two regime facilities at the Syria-Iraq border.

“The forces [of President Bashar Assad] are isolated as most of the
military assets have been shifted to Aleppo and Damascus,” a source said.

On Aug. 21, rebel forces reported the capture of two regime facilities
along the Iraqi border. They said Air Force intelligence and Political
Security soldiers fled their posts at the end of a week-long rebel operation around the eastern town of Al Bu Kamal.

“We now have full control of the area,” a rebel commander said.

Al Bu Kamal, which contains an air field, straddles the Iraqi province
of Anbar, the leading Sunni stronghold and with a large presence of Al Qaida-aligned militias. The border region, some 120 kilometers from Dir Al Zour, is located along a smuggling route that brings weapons and fighters to Sunni rebels.

The sources said the Assad regime has significantly increased air
strikes by both fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. They cited a dwindling
supply of troops and ground vehicles in operations against rebels in both
cities and remote areas of Syria.

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