Al Qaida online ads seek lone wolf terrorists to ‘carry out an entire jihad’

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TEL AVIV — Al Qaida, said to be sustaining a crisis in money and
fighters, has taken to advertising for volunteers.

Al Qaida is posting ads online to recruit terrorists to attack Western targets.

Al Qaida has employed the on-line wanted advertisements for suicide
bombers. A restricted Jihad forum contained an ad for “suicide bomber” and listed qualifications.

“The individual concept of jihad, which is advocated by jihad leaders,
is becoming common knowledge,” the Al Qaida ad read. “From now on, one man can carry out an entire jihad.”

The ad, first reported by the Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot on Aug. 14,
appeared in June on a restricted jihad website. The ad called for
applicants with “mental maturity, physical fitness, dedication, obedience and the tenacity to see the mission through.”

Applicants were required to speak several languages, hold a foreign
passport and maintain excellent health. They were told that preference would be given to those with “previous experience.”

The want ad called on applicants to respond to e-mail addresses believed
to be linked to Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, regarded by the United
States as the most dangerous insurgency group. The ad also encouraged
Muslims to watch instructional videos on lone attacks.

“You alone are responsible for yourself,” the ad said.

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