Iran threat: Proxies have WMD, ‘will certainly target Tel Aviv’

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NICOSIA — Iran is said to have supplied weapons of mass destruction
to proxies in the Middle East.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard said its supporters have been given
WMD assets. IRGC, in an analysis on its website, did not elaborate, but said
WMD would be used in any war against Israel.

Hizbullah is receiving WMDs from the IRGC, according to an Iranian defector.

“Groups armed with weapons of mass destruction — chemical, microbial and nuclear bombs obtained on the black market — will
certainly target Tel Aviv,” the IRGC statement, posted on its Mashregh website, said.

The analysis, posted in earlier this month, was seen as marking the worst threat by Iran against the Jewish state. Until 2012, Iran ruled out the use of nuclear weapons or the development of such assets.

Reza Khalili, the pseudonym of an Iranian defector and consultant with the CIA, said IRGC reported supplying WMDs to such proxies as Hizbullah in Lebanon and Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip. Khalili said the IRGC post was meant to stop Western assistance to the Sunni revolt in Syria.

“Mashregh speaks for the regime,” Khalili said.

The IRGC statement said its proxies would first target Tel Aviv with
WMD. The elite Iranian military said a nonconventional attack on Israel was
justified years ago by the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who engineered
the ouster of the shah in 1978.

“There is a dead end, and the threat of mass killing awaits,” IRGC, in a
warning to Israel, said.

The analysis said Israel was playing a leading role in the Sunni revolt
against Syrian President Bashar Assad. IRGC said Israel was trying to
dominate Arab movements and was pressing NATO to deploy forces along the
borders with Syria.

“Who can guarantee that armed groups or certain countries have not
already armed themselves with weapons of mass destruction or that weapons of
mass destruction obtained from the former Soviet republics after the fall of
Soviet Union will not find their way into Tel Aviv?” IRGC asked. “It is best
to stop the violence in Syria or the order to attack will be issued.”

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