Latest round of military promotions reflects CCP nervousness about its legitimacy

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By Willy Lam,

The most recent round of promotions of full generals not only says much about high-level personnel movements in the defense establishment but also the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership’s top priority of upholding stability within the nation.

The English-speaking Political Commissar Liu Yazhou, center, shown visiting the PLA National Defense University, is expected to be a key advisor to Xi Jinping.

Six senior People’s Liberation Army (PLA) officers were made generals on Monday, just ahead of Army Day on Aug. 1.

They included Political Commissar of the National Defense University Liu Yazhou; the commander and political commissar of the People’s Armed Police (PAP), Wang Jianping and Xu Yaoyuan, respectively; Vice Director of the General Political Department Du Jincai; and political commissars of the Jinan Military Region and the Chengdu Military Region, Du Hengyan and Tian Xiusi, respectively.

Five of the six newly minted generals are political commissars — not commanders or career soldiers. The role of a commissar is to ensure that officers and rank and file will have the correct political orientation as well as a high level of ideological and disciplinary rectitude.

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