Iraq boycotts Chevron over Kurdistan oil deal

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BAGHDAD — Iraq has boycotted a Western energy major for cooperating
in the autonomous region of Kurdistan.

Baghdad is locked in a contentious dispute with Kurdistan over oil, lands and sharing revenues and insists that it has the sole authority to manage oil fields and sign deals in the north.

The Iraqi Oil Ministry announced a ban on dealing with the U.S.-based Chevron, which in mid-July signed an agreement with the Kurdish Regional Government.

Under the agreement, Chevron would procure an 80 percent
interest in two blocks in northern Iraq.

“In line with Oil Ministry policy based on the constitution, the Oil
Ministry announces the disqualification of Chevron company and bars it from signing any deals with the federal Oil Ministry and its companies,” the Iraqi Oil Ministry said on July 26.

Iraq has warned foreign energy companies of being banned for signing unauthorized contracts with KRG.

Earlier, the Iraqi Oil Ministry announced a boycott of ExxonMobil, which had signed a major exploration contract with

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