After 15 attacks, Israel’s cancellation, Egypt delays repairs of gas pipeline

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CAIRO — Egypt has abandoned plans to repair the Arab Gas Pipeline.

A Bedouin man looks at a section of the Arab Gas Pipeline in North Sinai that was hit by an RPG in March. /Reuters/Asmaa Waguih

Officials said Egypt’s state-owned Gasco has decided not to repair the
pipeline in the Sinai Peninsula, bombed on July 22.

The officials said the pipeline, attacked at least 15 times since February 2011, would remain idle while a review of the project took place.

The main customer, Israel, no longer receives gas from the pipeline.

“Everything is on hold, right now,” an official said.

Officials suggested that repairing the pipeline again might be futile as
long as Egyptian security forces fail to capture the attackers.

The officials said the employment of Bedouin security guards have not stopped the nearly monthly bombings.

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